Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Very favorite Christmas card

I am so excited about the fast approaching Holiday season! It is such a busy time of year, I only wish it lasted longer.  I am working now on getting my Christmas cards done.  I will be taking pictures this weekend.  My favorite Christmas card was my sons first christmas.  It was also our birth announcement card.  He was just a newborn and we had a big bow on his back and the card read "Christmas came a little early this year."  It was a photo card we ordered from Shutterfly and all of our friends and family raved about the card.  I do believe it will always be our favorite Christmas card :-).  Shutterfly makes sending Christmas cards so easy, and I love that they come with envelopes and that you can purchase matching adress labels.  The hardest part is deciding which card to use because there are so many choices.  One of my favorite Christmas cards I have ever received was my neice and nephew in the tub with a santa beard of bubbles, the card read have a Jolly Christmas!  Some cards that I receieve are very fancy, and some are simple but I love them all.  I put them all on my fridge and I love to see how everyone grows each year.  Shutterfly offers great deals on all of their products.  They offer lots of promotions for cards and shipping! We are also ordering all of the grandparents christmas gifts from there.  I would tell you what they are but they may read this and i dont want to ruin the surprise!  What are your ideas for Christmas cards this year?  What is the best card you have ever made or received?

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